2010 - Dark Drama - 80 Mins


After years of domestic abuse, Donnie and his agoraphobic mother Helen attempt to make a normal life for themselves, only to find that they can't shake their unforgiving past.


Don't Show Mother was director Mathew Wilkinson's final University film project made on a budget of $5 000.


As of 2012, Don't Show Mother was archived at the National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra.

The film has also become a sleeper hit on streaming services.

' it's a good, solid, if sad, story..8/10' - Vegicat IMDB review


 2015 - Documentary - 60 Mins


In 2008 an Independent film crew set out to make an epic horror feature film in outback South Australia on a $30 000 budget. Three weeks later, they left defeated and without a film.

This documentary is a must for any student of film, and documentary film maker and watcher enthusiast.


'A tale of heartbreaking proportions yet director Mathew Wilkinson finds the comedy of errors in a bleak world of dilapidated buildings, mass destruction and lots of blood! Ultimately a tale of triumph and determination that film makers, movie fans, artists and dreamers alike will empathise with.'

Josh Williams - Sound Production credits in Backyard Ashes, Wolf Creek 2, Charlies Country & Force of Destiny.

'Enjoyable Documentary'  Brad Newsome - Sydney Morning Herald




2012 - Comedy - 69 Mins


In the desert reaches of South Australia, a blonde nymph lies waiting to tempt men to their deaths. A myth surely, but for two Water Australia employees dispatched into the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to shake the ominous feeling that something out there – blonde, female, naked – might be hunting them.   The Nullarbor Nymph is an Aussie mockumentary of a very different sort. Raw, unexpected, it’s a confronting and chilling insight into the madness of men…. and a piss funny update to the outback Ozploitation genre.


Move over Priscilla, there is a new Queen of the Desert

Leigh Paatsc, film reviewer


It's a cross between Homer's Odyssey and Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures

Santo Cilauro, Working Dog Productions


Australias next most talked about film, after the film Australia

Merrick Watts, comedian





2014 - Drama/Thriller - 82 Mins


Set against the neon world of Tokyo, Colourful and Impossible is the world's number one manufacturer of brain game puzzles. Employing some of the most talented minds to keep the company at the forefront, Thomas Baker is a puzzle tester embarking on his 1000th puzzle. However as a potential economic collapse looms, the company ceases operations and Thomas finds himself struggling to decipher a code, which could potentially be more dangerous than he ever expected.


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